These things are supposed to be in 3rd person, right? What? I don’t know, it’s my first time doing one. Whatever, it’s my blog.

Tim Hendrickson discovered a knack and love for writing in the 9th grade when he composed a poem solely out of quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, subsequently earning an “A,” and has been doing it ever since. Around the same time he realized that his full name was way too long to fit on the cover of a novel, so he determined he would shorten it to T. R. Hendricks should he ever be published. TimĀ is the author of several works you have never read and that have never been published, (other than what’s on here) and hopes that one day you will have the ability to read them all.

Hailing from a 60 x 100 plot on Long Island, he now lives in another 60 x 100 plot on that same traffic congested spit of land. Tim is a U.S. Army Veteran who completed two deployments to Baghdad in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Tim is married to a loving and beautiful wife who doesn’t “get” his writing but supports him nonetheless, and the father of two rambunctious little girls.

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